Lusaka Helps – Feed our Heroes!

Support front line Health Workers as they fight COVID-19 on our behalf!

Send them a meal through Lusaka Helps to show them you care.

One in five front liners are getting infected with the coronavirus as they take care of people around the globe. They are putting themselves on the line to protect me and you. They deserve a massive THANK YOU from all of us.

To make your donation via AfriDelivery, simply place your order like you normally would. Every Kwacha will go directly to the doctors and staff at the COVID-19 isolation centres in the form of meals to show your appreciation!

Be a hero, thank a hero.

Or donate via GoFundMe or via mobile money to 0763885994

Lusaka Helps is a movement. It is a rallying cry. It is a call to action. To get informed. To move from fear to strength. From paralysis to movement. In times of crisis we all need each other. Lusaka Helps brings us together.

Lusaka Helps is providing healthy meals to the staff at the COVID-19 isolation facilities to help keep their spirits up and let them know the Zambian public appreciate all they are doing. The teams at the isolation facilities are working around the clock and quarantined for 4 weeks away from their homes, their families and their communities. They are facing constant exposure, under circumstances of extreme pressure. Doctors in charge of managing these isolation facilities have affirmed the need and staff have been very appreciative of the support.

Feed Our Heroes also supports small businesses in the food industry, to help keep them operating in these challenging economic times. Local business and community engagement are at the center of this initiative, including the delivery of the meals, which is done through AfriDelivery.

In a partnership with Lusaka Helps, AfriDelivery has committed themselves to the community in the fight against COVID-19 by delivering meals on a weekly basis to the staff at the isolation units. Through these food drops, we as a community are showing our local heroes how much we appreciate all they are doing on our behalf.

Feed our heroes. Support local business.

COVID-19 has left all of us isolated. All of us are at risk of exposure. But none more so than our heroes at the frontline of the fight – our health workers.

In Zambia, isolation facilities have been set up to contain the spread of the virus. Staff at these facilities are effectively quarantined 24/7 for four weeks at a time, two weeks in the actual facility, two weeks in a dorm to ensure they are infection free. They are away from their homes, their families and their communities. They are facing constant exposure to the virus in difficult working conditions with little public recognition for their work. Yet they are the ones in the trenches effectively leading the fight against coronavirus.

In countries around the globe the massive sacrifices of our heroes at the frontline have been recognised in a number of ways including applauding them at set times every day, meals and messages of encouragement and support.

Lusaka Helps is bringing this to Zambia to recognise our heroes. Be a hero, motivate our Zambian heroes.

Your help will not only uplift the morale of our heroes, it will support Zambian businesses and the families that rely on them. Hotels, restaurants and caterers have also been particularly hard hit by the virus as they have been forced to close their doors without any compensation. All food will be sourced through local businesses at subsidised rates.

You can be a hero and help our Zambian heroes and businesses through donating meals.

Lusaka Helps is a movement to help one another in response to COVID-19. It is a rallying cry to get informed, to act. Lusaka Helps is led by Lusaka residents, each stepping up and taking part in any way they can to fight COVID-19. Get involved.

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