Partner of the week

 Happy first of the month! With the new month (and week too) we would like to honour our partner of the week, 3 Trees!

 Why the name 3 Trees? We spoke with Rima Al Saadi, manager of 3 Trees and this is what she had to say

“As you know, 3 Trees restaurant has many trees and beautiful plants around it, but it has 3 big beautiful Jacaranda trees that boast clusters of the fragrant purple trumpet-shaped blooms. That is where the name 3 Trees originated from.” 

3 Trees serve fresh and delicious meals and a wide array of healthy options for any meal of the day. However, their all-day breakfast, available every day of the week, is to die for. Their brunch is the magical mix of sweet and savoury dishes that need a voracious appetite, and maybe a hangover too.

Some of their popular brunch meals are the Avo Smash Toast with Poached Eggs and the Spicy Chicken Pocket. And yes, 3 Trees have food for vegan, adventurous eaters and pescatarians too like their Vegan Omelette and Vegan Waffles.

Apart from wonderful breakfast offerings, 3 Trees pretty much have a meal for any type of appetite, from their tasty Cajun Chicken Strips & Salad to their ever fresh and spicy California Rolls sushi.

So the next time you find yourself wondering where to get a really good breakfast at lunch, or are famished and in need of generous portions and tasty food, we’ve got you covered. Look for 3Tress on our AfriDelivery app and get it delivered right to your doorstep, hassle-free.


AfriDelivery has risen to be the leading online retail platform from its inception in 2018. From its name, it is quite clear that AfriDelivery, well, delivers; but one cannot help but wonder if it is anything more than a delivery company. AfriDelivery is also an IT company influencing digitization on business model innovation to improve public service delivery. Since the Covid pandemic, catalytic pressure has been on enterprises to reflect on their current business strategy and to adapt to the new times. AfriDelivery has helped many such enterprises in their digitization process, bringing them closer to the customer and in turn, has increased work efficiency, reduced costs, optimized supply chains, increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, increased service offerings, introduced new forms of company relationships with customers and employees, and has also influenced companies to venture into new business opportunities.

Though the list is plentiful, some of the enterprises on-boarded by AfriDelivery include Lafarge, Micmar, Digiprint, Classique Cleaners, Insurance Brokers, to mention a few, and is working on onboarding many more. Customers can now access goods and services from these stores through the AfriDelivery platform and have those items delivered to their desired location.

If you are building, need laundry services to be done, want to print out business cards or buy a few DIY items from your favourite hardware store, AfriDelivery is your one-stop digital solution in the new normal.