Which is better? Take-Out or Cooking?

The world is still in a state of crisis. More cases everyday, although we also have several recovery cases; some good news for a change. In spite of this, we should always remember our role as responsible citizens and keep safe at all times.


It recently hit me that some of the things that I took for granted, like going to the shop for groceries, are now the hardest -almost impossible- tasks to accomplish. But on the plus side; if I can’t leave the house, I can have it delivered.

Now that we are spending most of our times at home, I can chose to either order take-out or buy ingredients and cook the food instead.

At least you don’t have to worry about your shopping running out. As long as you have your shopping list, AfriDelivery’s safe shopping option will come in handy- especially if it’s a large order.


P.S. You should always wash your hands before you eat, but it’s especially important now. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.


Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it?

Find the best cake and dessert joints on the app; whether it’s for a birthday, special event or you just have a craving.

You will never have to leave your house as long as you have the AfriDelivery app.

Order and enjoy cake in your pajamas; share a slice or eat the entire cake, it’s up to you 🙂


A party without cake is just a meetingJulia Child

AfriDelivery scoops two 2019 awards!

Over the years we have worked tirelessly to maintain a platform that gives our users what they need – an efficient, innovative platform that offers both customers and retailers a variety of services! To achieve this, our team works hard at adding the best retailers on the platform as well as keeping a top-notch app.

We have had more than 30 updates since inception to ensure that we continue to offer a platform that suits your needs.
The month of October has been a great one for us as all our hard work was rewarded with two prestigious awards!

We’re excited and honoured to be awarded Startup of the Year 2019 by Southern African Startup Awards – an award that is given to a tech startup that has shown the greatest development over the last year based on growth, innovation and impact with a product and service. We’re humbled and honoured to share our growth with you all.

Another big honour was the E-Commerce Of The Year Award given by the Zambia E-Commerce Awards. This award is given to the best performing E-Commerce app based on functionality, user-friendliness and effectiveness of the app. Winning this award is important to us because it shows us how well aligned we stay to our core purpose and just how much of this purpose we have shared with you all.

Thank you for the tremendous support you keep pouring us with since inception. We wouldn’t have made it here without you. We look forward to serving you even better every day!