Does well-done steak on a first date mean the romance will go up in flames?

So, picture this: You are about to have your first date, maybe your first in the longest while, so all you want is PERFECTION. You prep your perfect top, do your perfect hair, put on a perfect smile and are now ready for the perfect meal.

Steak is king! And people love it so much because of the way its flavour, tenderness and juiciness explode once it has teeth sunk in it. After all, ”steak is satisfying in a way that only the pleasures of the flesh can be” – Mark Schatzker.


But, what makes a steak perfect? Could it be the pepper sauce poured over a sirloin or the crust of salt and pepper on a T-Bone? Is it the degree of doneness you are served your fillet mignon, or the glass that accompanies your whole meal? PRESSURE and you are not yet even sure which way your date likes it (the steak, of course).

Thank goodness it is okay to ask your date how they like their steak, the same way it is okay to know that you do not know it all. We might not know all that makes a date perfect, but we sure do know who makes the perfect steak. 

Marlin, our partner of the week, has the best, freshest cuts you could ever wish for, the perfect balance of sauces to go with, and just the right potion of sides to supplement your meal. Did we mention the complimentary salad if you dine in?

Take away? We have got you covered. Stay safe and healthy and let us bring your perfect steak to you. Order it just the way you like it, and we will let Marlin do their perfection thing.

Marlin and AfriDelivery are definitely cheering you on your first date as the flames go up. But honestly, this steak, a glass of wine and your smile should do the trick. Now go get them and place that order with us!


Partner of the week

 Happy first of the month! With the new month (and week too) we would like to honour our partner of the week, 3 Trees!

 Why the name 3 Trees? We spoke with Rima Al Saadi, manager of 3 Trees and this is what she had to say

“As you know, 3 Trees restaurant has many trees and beautiful plants around it, but it has 3 big beautiful Jacaranda trees that boast clusters of the fragrant purple trumpet-shaped blooms. That is where the name 3 Trees originated from.” 

3 Trees serve fresh and delicious meals and a wide array of healthy options for any meal of the day. However, their all-day breakfast, available every day of the week, is to die for. Their brunch is the magical mix of sweet and savoury dishes that need a voracious appetite, and maybe a hangover too.

Some of their popular brunch meals are the Avo Smash Toast with Poached Eggs and the Spicy Chicken Pocket. And yes, 3 Trees have food for vegan, adventurous eaters and pescatarians too like their Vegan Omelette and Vegan Waffles.

Apart from wonderful breakfast offerings, 3 Trees pretty much have a meal for any type of appetite, from their tasty Cajun Chicken Strips & Salad to their ever fresh and spicy California Rolls sushi.

So the next time you find yourself wondering where to get a really good breakfast at lunch, or are famished and in need of generous portions and tasty food, we’ve got you covered. Look for 3Tress on our AfriDelivery app and get it delivered right to your doorstep, hassle-free.

Partner Of The Week



We would like to shout out to our partner of the week. The destination is Greece, but you don’t need your passport to have the tastiest meals from there. Piatto restaurant has been committed to bringing us a variety of food starting from Greek cuisine to Italian and even sushi. Piatto sources only the freshest ingredients and serves them up in the most mouth-watering way. The blends of peppers, oils, citruses help to set the taste of Greek apart from the rest. 

Are you looking for a decent Mediterranean meal? Then Piatto is the right restaurant for you. With a 4.2 rating on the AfriDelivery App, it is no wonder that we cannot get enough of this restaurant and its offerings. “ Team AfriD took the time to speak with George, owner and manager of Piatto to see what he had to say to the AfriDelivery community.

“We would like to appreciate the help we get from our customers, you are the best clients ever, and you make our jobs and business a breeze. We are currently working on a takeaway basis through AfriDelivery to deliver to our customers and we will continue to give you excellent service and fresh amazing food. Stay Safe.”

We wish to see Piatto continue offering such an amazing dining experience to our community and we continue to wish you remarkable success for your business. More importantly, knowing that you chose us as a partner and are serving your community in  the best way you know-how is a sure sign of the better days to come.

Your AfriDelivery Team



The world is moving to a cashless society and AfriDelivery is playing its part in making efforts to reduce cash in circulation. AfriDelivery offers both cash and digital/cashless based payment options to users. Cash on delivery is the payment of goods and services where cash is paid upon receiving your delivery; Digital payments are the payment systems where financial transactions take place through the transfer of digital information instead of physical banknotes or coins.

AfriDelivery has various options for digital payment including Internet banking (FNB e-wallet), gift cards processed online through your debit or credit card, Mobile banking (Airtel & MTN Money), point of sales (POS), and the newly introduced SamPay

SamPay is a digital payment solution that is available online for conducting transactions such as sending payments to other users on Samafrica Online, and to receive payments, transfer money from the bank using VISA or MasterCard credit/debit cards and transferring funds to prepaid cards.

The benefits of using Sampay are as follows:

  1. Convenience: You have the freedom to transact whenever and wherever you want. You don’t have to be physically present to conduct a transaction.
  2. Track Spending: With all transactions on record, it is very easy to keep track of spending and know when you are about to go over budget.
  3. Abate Transaction Fees & Charges: Another plus is that you can pay the exact amount without worrying about transaction fees and charges. Another plus is that your shopping experience will not last any longer than it has to because the rider has to find change.
  4. Cross-Platform Payments: You can also transfer money directly from your SamPay account into other payments systems like mobile money or bank accounts, all at the tap of a finger.

Have you been struggling to find a convenient digital payment method? All these payment methods are available on the AfriDelivery platform and you are free to choose any method that is suitable for you.


AfriDelivery has risen to be the leading online retail platform from its inception in 2018. From its name, it is quite clear that AfriDelivery, well, delivers; but one cannot help but wonder if it is anything more than a delivery company. AfriDelivery is also an IT company influencing digitization on business model innovation to improve public service delivery. Since the Covid pandemic, catalytic pressure has been on enterprises to reflect on their current business strategy and to adapt to the new times. AfriDelivery has helped many such enterprises in their digitization process, bringing them closer to the customer and in turn, has increased work efficiency, reduced costs, optimized supply chains, increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, increased service offerings, introduced new forms of company relationships with customers and employees, and has also influenced companies to venture into new business opportunities.

Though the list is plentiful, some of the enterprises on-boarded by AfriDelivery include Lafarge, Micmar, Digiprint, Classique Cleaners, Insurance Brokers, to mention a few, and is working on onboarding many more. Customers can now access goods and services from these stores through the AfriDelivery platform and have those items delivered to their desired location.

If you are building, need laundry services to be done, want to print out business cards or buy a few DIY items from your favourite hardware store, AfriDelivery is your one-stop digital solution in the new normal.



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Rainy day?  don’t worry, you can still get your favourite meal delivered to your office or doorstep via the AfriDelivery App.


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