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What if we told you that there’s a way to earn cash back on your purchases at AfriSupermarket.com? Yes, you read that right! AfriSupermarket.com https://afrisupermarket.com offers an enticing affiliate program that allows users to earn up to 10% cash back on their orders. It’s a fantastic opportunity for both avid shoppers and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make some extra income. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting program and discover how you can get started.

What is the AfriSupermarket.com Affiliate Program? The AfriSupermarket.com Affiliate Program is a unique initiative designed to reward customers for their loyalty and support. By joining the program, users can earn a percentage of cash back on every purchase made through their affiliate link. The program operates on a commission-based model, where affiliates earn up to 10% cash back for each successful referral. Whether you’re an individual looking to make personal purchases or a content creator with a dedicated following, this program offers a great way to monetize your efforts.

How Does it Work? Getting started with the AfriSupermarket.com Affiliate Program is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up: Visit the AfriSupermarket.com Affiliate Program page at https://afrisupermarket.com/affiliates and fill out the registration form. Provide the necessary details and agree to the terms and conditions.
  2. Receive your affiliate link: Once your registration is approved, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link. This link is your key to earning cash back. Share it with your friends, family, or audience through your website, blog, social media platforms, or any other promotional channel.
  3. Drive traffic and generate sales: Promote AfriSupermarket.com and encourage people to make purchases through your affiliate link. The more people who use your link to complete a purchase, the higher your chances of earning cash back.
  4. Earn cash back: For each successful purchase made through your affiliate link, you’ll receive a commission of up to 10% cash back. AfriSupermarket.com tracks the sales generated through your link, ensuring that you receive proper credit and compensation.

Benefits of the AfriSupermarket.com Affiliate Program:

  1. Cash back rewards: As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn up to 10% cash back on every purchase made through your affiliate link. This provides a tangible incentive for promoting AfriSupermarket.com and encourages others to join the platform.
  2. Wide product range: AfriSupermarket.com offers an extensive selection of products, including groceries, household items, beauty and personal care products, electronics, and much more. This diverse range appeals to a broad audience, increasing your potential for referrals.
  3. User-friendly platform: AfriSupermarket.com provides a seamless shopping experience for customers, making it easier for your referrals to complete purchases. The platform offers secure payment options, reliable customer support, and efficient delivery services.
  4. Flexible promotion options: Whether you’re a blogger, social media influencer, content creator, or simply someone who loves sharing good deals with friends, the AfriSupermarket.com Affiliate Program caters to various promotional channels. You have the freedom to choose the methods that align with your strengths and preferences.


The AfriSupermarket.com Affiliate Program is a fantastic opportunity to earn cash back while promoting an established and trusted online shopping platform. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or simply enjoy the benefits of cash back rewards, this program offers a win-win situation for everyone involved. So why wait? Sign up for the AfriSupermarket.com Affiliate Program today

Joining Hands for a Healthier Community

At AfriDelivery, we recently had the privilege of engaging in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, where we visited the Kalingalinga Clinic, a nearby health center, to make donations towards improving sanitation and addressing the unique needs of young girls.

We are incredibly proud to have been able to give back to the community through this event. As a company, we believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to society, and the CSR initiative was our opportunity to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

The Kalingalinga Clinic plays a crucial role in providing quality medical services to a large community, including general medicine and ante-natal care. Additionally, they have a youth-friendly corner that offers essential services such as VCT and Sexual and Reproductive Health information to young people. We were honored to contribute to the clinic’s efforts to improve healthcare provision in the community, and we hope that our donations will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who rely on the clinic for their health needs.

We are delighted to report that we were able to fund this CSR event through the support of our customers, and we are incredibly grateful for their contributions towards making a positive difference in the lives of the people of Kalingalinga. It is through their continued support that we are able to engage in these initiatives, and we hope that together, we can continue to create a better world for all.

Did someone say Homemade meal?

Afrisupermarket sauces & spices

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces—just good food from fresh ingredients.

Julia Child

There it is, the big secret. All it takes to make good food is using fresh ingredients. That sounds funny saying but look at it like this. Okay, it’s the weekend and you’ve been craving for some Chibwabwa or Visashi the whole week. You probably want to order the pumpkin leaves that have that lush green color- and that doesn’t have to do with how they look, but the flavor expected is nostalgic.

In some cases, we don’t even get time for ourselves because we’re juggling through a lot. But the good news is you can use Afrisupermarket to create your own recipe. All you need is to order your favorite sauces and spices, fresh vegetables and even fresh meats. Get to eat and cook whatever you’d like, with the best sourced ingredients delivered in real-time.

My Favorite place to shop for Pet Food

“Oh my Dog!”

Yes, that’s your first thought when you open the door and realized you forgot to pass by the Pet store and now ‘Simba’ is giving you the puppy eyes. We all know those eyes, the guilt-filled eyes that leave you feeling like you let your buddy down.

Adulting can be so hard sometimes, it takes a huge toll on us. It could be meeting deadlines, checking off items in our long to-do list, organizing brunches, or reaching out to friends and family. We get it, there’s a lot we have to deal with in a day. I mean, it’s only human to want to keep everyone around us happy and satisfied, even our daily companions, who run to us and showers us with unconditional love even when we forget to get their food.

You get home late, tired, and on top of that, you’ve got an early one tomorrow…what do you do? Browse through the Afrisupermarket website and get your best friend his favourite treats.

Pro tip: Don’t let ‘Simba’ see us making the delivery. He could sneak out and follow the rider back to our offices 🤣

The Holy Grail of Body Care Under One Roof!

Picture this, it’s a bright and early morning and you’re getting ready for work. You’ve got
your morning coffee in hand, lunch well packed and your outfit of the day ready.
So you hop into the shower and get rid of yesternight’s murk and dirt from that terrible
nightmare you had of you and your ex getting back together! “Ex”terminate the dirt real
quick as you do your shower karaoke, making sure you are hitting them high notes. Don’t we all?

Or perhaps it’s late in the evening. You’re back from work and you just want to run a
bath and soak in all that goodness and relax, light up some candles as you listen to
some feel good music.

Well, we are here to add onto that feel good mood because we now have all your body care essentials under one roof. With just one click, you can shop all your favorites from Afrisupermarket and continue with your Holy ritual with your Holy Grail products. They say cleanliness is next to Godliness, right?

The love for Italian Food


Italian cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine consisting of the ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques. It is also about the art of creating a meal, love for the ingredients and passion for Italian products. From the quality of the ingredients to the fine wine that complements each flavor of your dish, the entire experience is made up of several key elements that contribute to the goodness of authentic Italian cuisine.


IL Pomodoro is an Italian restaurant, which offers authentic Italian foods. The restaurant was founded towards the end of 2021 and is growing strong. IL Pomodoro offers a variety of foods. With the variety they are offering here is what they had to say;

Our main focus is our pizzas as IL Pomodoro is a pizza restaurant, however, we do offer a variety of other dishes such as pasta (with pasta we offer lasagna, macaroni, spaghetti and ravioli), salads and rosticceria. Under our rosticceria section, we offer different chicken dishes as well as calzone, arancini, rollo, kebabs and French fries. We also offer a selection of vegetarian meals as well! Of course, no menu is complete without a drinks section. For drinks, we offer your standard fizzy drinks such as Coke, Fanta and Sprite. For our alcohols, we offer draft beers and wines (both red and white). If you’re not in the mood for something fizzy, or anything alcoholic we do offer coffee as well. Our menu is kept simple, authentic and affordable to everyone” ~Assistant Manager~

IL Pomodoro offers Italian foods with quality, simplicity, health benefits, affordability, variety and taste. They use the finest and freshest ingredients to create a meal. We all agree that the ingredients used in these Italian recipes are the finest and freshest ingredients that are of amazing quality, whether it’s juicy tomatoes, bread or mozzarella or parmesan, the ingredients are quality. The quality of these ingredients enhances the experience of enjoying an authentic Italian meal.

The beauty of IL Pomodoro is that their dishes are simple. With their simplicity, the focus of their dishes remains on the taste and flavors of each dish. They pay great attention to how each ingredient subtly complements each other without overbearing a dish with too many flavors. 

They also offer the healthiest diets in the world. Meals are cooked with olive oils, as opposed to other cooking fats. Olive oil is considered to be one of the most nutritious as it poses several health benefits too. Additionally, meals are made using fresh produce, from herbs and vegetables to meats. There are no artificial ingredients or processed food, their meals are made from scratch.

And to top it all off, a glass of Italian wine, to pair with your dish, completes your dining experience. When ordering at IL Pomodoro they offer pairing suggestions that will perfectly complement your dish or meal. Some being their in-house wines be it white or red wine there is a variety. 

They also offer the occasional live music at the restaurant, so keep a lookout on that on their Facebook page! You can find them on @il.pomodoro.eastparkmall.

Order with IL Pomodoro to truly appreciate and enjoy fine Italian cuisine. Embark on a sensory adventure of Italian art, culture and great food in Lusaka.

Online Pharmacy


With the internet being an important part of our lives, it is not a surprise that pharmacies started to move to the online platform. Pharmacists on the platform provide services within legal limits to protect public health.

With SouthWest Pharmacy every drug request entered into the system is sent to a registered pharmacist who also adds the prescriptions they deem valid for the drugs the patient has ordered. This is time-saving for people who live far away from a traditional pharmacy, the elderly and those who work very intensively than travelling to a traditional pharmacy and being faced with waiting in line to buy medicine.

SouthWest Pharmacy provides great convenience especially for those who are afraid of talking face to face with doctors and pharmacists. There is privacy and confidentiality for people who are able to order medications without any drawback on special issues such as sexuality or adolescence that may be a source of embarrassment situation. The delivery packaging and billing information are also discreet, allowing people to feel more comfortable about getting the medication and help that they need.

SouthWest Pharmacy also offers a much wider range of options of drugs which provides a great advantage to patients. It is not possible to find every drug in a physical pharmacy in a particular area, but there are many more drug options available.  

As with SouthWest Pharmacy, a list of all of the information you need regarding a particular medication is right there on the website. This provides a better overview of what the medication is for, whether it’s right for your condition and how often it needs to be taken to be effective, without having to dig into the packaging first. You can also check for any ingredients you may be allergic to and ensure that it is safe for consumption. 

SouthWest  Pharmacy and AfriDelivery are here to serve you time and convenience when it comes to all your medical needs wherever you are. 

No matter how you’re feeling, a little dog gonna love you


There is a new phenomenon that is currently taking over the world and that is the presence of online pet shops. All of those supplements and special pet diets can now be found online at your fingertips. 

Having a dog is exciting, but with an adorable dog or pup comes the responsibility. And unsurprisingly, food is the number one responsibility among all living beings. PawPup Pet Food store is here to help you take care of some of these responsibilities, the food aspect of it. The store will spoil your lovable puppy with healthy, flavourful food. They offer a variety of pet food from which you can purchase at wholesale or retail prices. Their variety of products include; Grandeur Large Breed, Jock, and Tail up. 

Their Grandeur Large Breed caters for puppies, junior, and adult dogs alike. Grandeur is specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of large and giant breed dogs during their different phases of muscle & bone development. Jock food also offers ideal nutrition for every stage of a dog’s life. 

They have Jock food junior, value and multistage. Jock junior contains quality ingredients and everything your new pup needs to stay fit and healthy. Jock multistage helps to activate the dog’s tail wagging, and Jock Value helps to completely maintain nutritional needs and keep your pooch a few steps ahead of the rest. Their products also include Tails Up which gives the dog its daily needs and contains Omega 3&6 to give your dog shiny and healthy skin & coat.

Not only are they offering a wide range of products, but they also offer you convenience. Whether it’s hell-week at the office, or the old age catching up, the last thing you want to do is haul one of those big bags of dog food, first to your car from the store and then from your car into your house. It’s so much more convenient to be chill at home and have the huge bag brought right to your doorstep. If you know how much dog food your pet will need each month, you can order at wholesale and enjoy a massive discount. 

PawPup Pet food store’s main goal is to give every dog a happy, healthy life by providing owners like you with all the healthy foods they need, and being the best pet parents possible, all at the tap of your fingertips. 

Let’s Eat Some Meat

The texture and flavour remain the most important aspects of eating quality meat anywhere, and with Eliado Meat Supplies, you can prepare it any way you wish. Whether it’s a steak that is either well-done to near crispiness or medium-rare, if you like your meat to have a nice chew to it, then Eliado Meat Supplies have beef cuts with decent marbling and the succulent fat cap. Rump steak is a great example that comes to mind because of its great flavour and tenderness.

Eliado Meat offers a variety of meat products such as beef, pork, lamb, chicken and more. There are a variety of beef products including popular cuts like the T-bone, fillet, rump and mixed-cut, to other rare products like oxtail, liver, kidney, offals and hooves. Secondly, they also offer different pork cuts and processed products like polony and Hungarian sausages (using their unique recipe). Other products include beef biltong, goat meat, eggs, and, on occasion, game meat.

Not only is Eliado Meat Supplies offering high-value quality meat products to the community, but they also provide an excellent standard of service in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. Their professionalism and highly experienced approach enable them to build close relationships with all customers and develop a comprehensive understanding of their requirements.

They have also introduced delivery services through the AfriDelivery platform, making it possible for users to select and specify their preferred choices of meat products with convenience. Users are able to select which parts of the meat they want for their order either from the lamb parts, cow or chicken pieces. They can do all this on their phone through the AfriDelivery app and have their order delivered to their location.

We met with the founder of Eliado Meats to find more about their store:

“ Eliado Meat Supplies Ltd was established in 2017 under new management after taking over from Longacres Meat Supplies, which has been running for over 30 years. We are a family business that strives to maintain its legacy and continue to build a strong reputation for supplying some of the best quality meat in Lusaka.
Our dedicated and friendly staff members are always at hand to maintain a pleasant environment so as to enable our customers to shop with comfort and convenience.

As a butchery, we are unique in our approach as we endeavour to give customers what they want, how they want it and when they want it whilst also catering for special requests. We can also accommodate seasonal products upon requests like gammon, turkeys, pork and beef roasts, etc.
We continually aim to make general improvements to our business as we strive to enhance the customer service experience in providing the best quality meat products at a very reasonable value.”
Elias Militsis, Managing Director

Eliado meat supplies are a hardworking and dedicated team. They handle all their products with the utmost care and are detail-oriented. Place your order with Eliado Meat Supplies for smooth and juicy meats, with customer satisfaction is guaranteed.