Need Meds? We’ve got you!

Ever been so down that you were unable to pick up your prescription medicine? We absolutely relate! We understand the inconvenience of having to get your own meds while you’re in pain and we are here to share that burden with you.

Friends should stick together in good and bad times too, and it’s for this reason that you can now order your prescription medicines online and have them delivered to your doorstep while you’re down. AfriDelivery is your one-stop-shop for food, groceries and now medicine too!

With a wide variety of prescription medicines available and still constantly being updated, you won’t be making those pharmacy errands while in pain anymore because we’ve got you! Your delivery is just a tap away!

Introducing Grocery Home Delivery!!

You asked for it, we listened and made it possible!!

We’re so excited to announce that we are now not only delivering your food but your groceries too!

We are constantly working to make AfriDelivery your one-stop delivery service and we’re overjoyed to see all this falling in place! With new supermarket stores added, you can now order your day to day groceries and fresh meat supplies on your favourite delivery app and have it delivered to your doorstep all at the touch of a button. How cool is that?!

Spend more time with the people that matter while avoiding the traffic and long queues by ordering your groceries through your AfriDelivery app. The same way we have been delivering your food, we will deliver your groceries too! Talk about convenience!

With more supermarkets being added to the platform monthly, we will strive to continue giving you that wide variety that you have always enjoyed. So next time you need to run grocery errands, just open your AfriDelivery app and shop away! We’ll do the heavy lifting while you enjoy a little time off this. Your delivery is just a tap away!


AfriDelivery Partners with Zippie to offer rewards to customers

We are excited to announce our partnership with Zippie to deliver a loyalty programme for our clients, based on Zippies innovative, secure blockchain platform. Through Zippie, our users can access earn cashback and rewards that are automatically added to your wallet. Giving you MORE reason to use your AfriDelivery app!

(From left to right): Tigmoo CEO Vikas Kumar, Musanga CEO Njavwa Mutambo, Ambassador of Finland H.E. Pirjo Suomela-Chowdhury, Zippie CEO Antti Saarnio, Zippie VP Sales Osmo Korri, and AfriDelivery Managing Director Nadezheda Daniels

Zippie’s goal is simple but ambitious: democratize opportunity for everyone with an aim to have consumers earn rewards from everything they do online, from online shopping to referring friends. Their first objective has been to build a white label “super app” platform which enables any online business to reward their users.

With Zippie’s integrated service, users will be rewarded with mobile airtime directly into their blockchain powered wallets which they can also easily share the airtime with family and friends just by sharing a payment link via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other chat apps. The rewards wallet is integrated into the AfriDelivery app and website and themed according to the brand, making it a seamless part of the product experience to all our users.

Our Managing Director, Nadezheda Daniels expressed our excitement about the partnership in a speech at the official launch of the first mobile blockchain solution for the mass-market in Africa:

The successful integration of the Zippie Rewards wallet allows our clients to collect loyalty points on every purchase on the AfriDelivery platform that can be redeemed for Airtime top-ups for all major networks in Zambia and other, yet to be announced bonuses.

We’re thrilled to work with Zippie on bringing the benefits of disruptive, Blockchain based technology to emerging markets.”

AfriDelivery is one of the first three leading Zambian online companies that will start rewarding their users for purchases, deliveries and referrals with Zippie’s technology. The other two are Musanga Logistics and Tigmoo.

We are so excited to be able to offer our customers a rewards program that is easy and convenient to use and we look forward to building more partnerships that allow us to serve our customers better!



Founder’s Story – Meet Wallace from AfriDelivery

Afshon Wallace Ngige is a young Kenyan entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who is the founder and CEO of AfriDelivery. He answered a few questions about himself to let us in a little on his life while giving us a few pointers about the business too. Here’s what he had to say;

1.) Why did you decide to start your own business?

I’ve always been entrepreneurial and AfriDelivery is a way of giving back to the community by creating employment. It was also a good way for me to experiment with my creativity, thoughts & ideas  and make them come to fruition

2.) How did you get started?

I’ve been running businesses for 10 years now. I’ve run so many businesses, 8 of which were critical failures. My first business was an online clothing store, buying and selling clothes to my friends back in university. Then I ran a tattoo parlour, a music school and a lot other different business after that. My first tech business was a taxi-hailing app which didn’t work well because it proved to be expensive to run & the market didn’t receive the product as well as expected.

3.) Why food delivery?

After the taxi-hailing business, I took time to study and understand both the tech & food delivery industries. Food is a fast moving good, you’ll never go wrong because people will always want to eat. I then looked for a market that didn’t have a service that was as efficient as I wanted AfriDelivery to be and decided to start the business in Zambia.

4.) How did you convince investors of your concept?

I didn’t have to convince any investors because the business was self-funded. I put all my resources together and with a bit of help from family and friends I just started with what I had.

5.) What was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was convincing restaurant owners to partner with AfriDelivery. At that time there had been a few delivery companies that some of these owners had worked with & that didn’t work out so well for them so they were hesitant about getting on board.

To overcome that challenge we were consistent in delivering our promises and giving customers an excellent service. Eventually, people warmed up to the idea and now we have more than 250 restaurants on the platform.

6.) What ‘ingredients’ would you say are needed to successfully start a business?

The first and most important one is definitely consistency. You have to be consistent with your service from the start because it’s consistency that will retain your customers. 

Another thing is to have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself, jump as high as you can go. Take calculated risks and just stretch as far as your business can go. Don’t limit yourself.

7.) What does being part of a brand like AfriDelivery look like?

The greatest part about this is being able to see what was once just an idea come to life.  Being able to see what was once a small thing become a successful brand that now hires a large number of locals. You get to be part of something that’s really consistent in terms of growth and big and that’s very fulfilling.

8.) What’s special about Zambia’s food? 

What I love about Zambia is the wide variety of local foods. I’ve noticed that Zambians add a lot more effort to preparing their food and that makes it pretty amazing. Africa as a whole has good food but Zambian food has a great taste that I’ve never experienced elsewhere.

9.) Any Plans for entering new towns? Which ones?

We’re definitely planning on entering two new markets in the last quarter of this year. We’re currently looking at Ndola & Kitwe, once we have researched enough and have our resources ready we’ll be ready to start operations there.

10.) Where do you see the brand in 10 years?

I can tell you that in two years this will be the biggest brand in the food delivery industry. The goal is to cover the whole country in two years. In 5 years we plan on entering three new countries that I can’t discuss right now but you can count on that.

Get Drinks App

Ever went to a party that was so lit drinks ran out? Well, we have a solution for that now.  A new app that delivers nothing but drinks to your doorstep! Now you don’t have to stop the party because the booze ran out, simply just order everyone’s favourite drink and chill while we deliver it to your doorstep. Your party won’t stop!




Visit to place your order now!

New Restaurant additions!

We have added a number of exciting restaurants to our platform over the last few months to give you an even better experience.  Check out Fishaways and Wimpy now available on both the app and website for all those mouth watering meals.

Our old time partners Marlin, Mint and  The Cake Bar also added new locations which means you can access these stores in more delivery zones than before! How cool is that?! Totally awesome, we know.

Your delivery is just a tap away! Literally!

New working hours

They say “the early bird catches the worm” , we are about to catch it with you( or for you)!😁 Being a morning person is not necessarily exciting but we know it can get better with breakfast delivered on time!

We’re so excited to tell you the good news that we’ll be adjusting our operating hours to accommodate early bird breakfast deliveries.  We will now be open from 07:40 to 22:00hrs on weekdays. Now you don’t have to worry about waiting for 9am to order that kickstart to your day. Exciting right? We know! The countdown to 3rd September, 2018 is officially on! More hours means more great service for you so we look forward to serving you more!

AfriDelivery Wallet

Don’t have cash but want to place orders? We have a solution for that! Our new wallet feature available on the latest version of the application allows you to keep a wallet.

Your wallet can be topped up using your debit/credit card or cash. It allows you to keep an amount of money that you can use for future orders. Enjoy the convenience that comes with a prepayment option! Top up your AfriDelivery Wallet today and enjoy more cashless options.

New update available!

Have you downloaded our latest update yet? It has a new and updated courier section that allows you to fill in all the  details of your order before completing it. Giving our customer service and riders precise details needed to complete the order.  Placing your courier order is now just as easy and efficient! Get your update today and start enjoying easy & efficient courier service now!