Thank you!

Since our launch in June 2017, we have completed over 21,000 deliveries, a number that we wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for both our customers and our partner restaurants. Every food/drink order, every special request, every courier order, we appreciate it.

Our application and website have evolved through the months, every update aimed at making your experience better than your last one. Our list of partner restaurants is ever growing with the aim of giving you more options so as to serve you better.

As we draw closer to our one year anniversary we are taking time to appreciate the support that you continue to give us, we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for being part of the journey and we look forward to more growth together.

Perfect wine pairings to try out

While we can all agree that wine is one of the best gifts to mankind, there’s some wine pairings that will have you appreciating your wine even more. Here are four great wine pairs to try out.

  1. Salmon and Pinot Noir; While fish typically pairs better with white wine salmon’s flavor will stand up to the bold but not too tannic flavor of Pinot Noir.  Pinot Noir also pairs well with fatty fish like tuna, especially when served rare or raw.
  2. Lamb and Bordeaux; Because of the gamey flavor, lamb shines with a wine that has a rich, bold personality to stand up to it. Bordeaux is bold and fruity, and the fatty richness of the meat helps absorb some of the wine’s tannins.
  3. Melbec with spicy BBQ sauces; Melbec is bold enough to drink with food brushed with heavily spiced barbecue sauces like buffalo wings.
  4. Moscato d’Asati and fruits; moderately sparkling wines help emphasize the fruit in the dessert rather than the sugar. Try it with honeyed fig crostatas.

What are your favorite wine pairings?

Wellness Wednesday

Eating/staying healthy doesn’t have to be boring or far fetched, it can be easy and exciting too! Today we’ll give you a few healthy alternatives you might want to add to your diet.

  1. Try less red meat, less often; we know, a good steak is everything, but there’s no harm in a little white meat every now and then. It’s just as good! 😉

  2. Reduce added sugar; did you know that eating less sugar will help keep your skin looking younger? Too much added sugar can make your skin full and wrinkled. You’re truly what you eat- it shows on your skin!

  3.  Focus on whole, minimally processed foods; Whole Foods are packed with nutrients and eating them helps us get all the nutrients our bodies need and can help us stay healthy. AfriDelivery gives you a wide variety of restaurants that serve Whole Foods so we got you on that one!

  4. Go “good fat” not “low fat”; good news, you don’t have to switch to low fat only to enjoy healthy food! There are a lot of  high-fat foods that are actually incredibly healthy and nutritious. Some of these are avocados, cheese,dark chocolate, whole eggs, fatty fish, nuts, full-fat yogurt, coconuts and coconut oil and many others.  These tend to have a higher % of fat but also give you an excellent source of fiber, potassium, vitamins minerals and healthy fats.

So there you have it, you don’t always have to be dieting to stay healthy, all you need to do it eat right! Go ahead and skip that diet but just eat healthy instead!