My Favorite place to shop for Pet Food

“Oh my Dog!”

Yes, that’s your first thought when you open the door and realized you forgot to pass by the Pet store and now ‘Simba’ is giving you the puppy eyes. We all know those eyes, the guilt-filled eyes that leave you feeling like you let your buddy down.

Adulting can be so hard sometimes, it takes a huge toll on us. It could be meeting deadlines, checking off items in our long to-do list, organizing brunches, or reaching out to friends and family. We get it, there’s a lot we have to deal with in a day. I mean, it’s only human to want to keep everyone around us happy and satisfied, even our daily companions, who run to us and showers us with unconditional love even when we forget to get their food.

You get home late, tired, and on top of that, you’ve got an early one tomorrow…what do you do? Browse through the Afrisupermarket website and get your best friend his favourite treats.

Pro tip: Don’t let ‘Simba’ see us making the delivery. He could sneak out and follow the rider back to our offices 🤣