“EXCITING ” and “INTIMIDATING” are the words that define the Indish restaurant because of its tongue-tingling flavour, unfamiliar dishes and exotic ingredients. A combination of all the techniques from different cuisines gives Chinese and Indian food a titillating food experience.

Indish offers us innumerable gastronomic greats, from the Chinese menu to the Indian menu, they have plenty of delicious dishes that spice up one’s palate.

You can find everything from meat-based curries to Chinese soup, as well as an assortment of spices and ingredients that give each dish its distinct flavour profile. This can however be green, hot, or really hot, and still, give you a heavenly experience.

Indish dishes are renowned for their rich, spicy flavours and complex aromas. However, their cuisine isn’t just about taste. Their dishes are packed with nutrients, meaning they are also very healthy options. 

Butter Chicken, both from the Chinese and Indian menu, is a spicy, high-protein meal made in a creamy tomato flavoured with a variety of seasonings, with one serving to contain about 30 grams of protein which helps boost and repair body cells. It also contains 14grams of carbohydrates which provides your body with energy and make up most of your calories

Palak Paneer is prepared with Paneer combined with a puree made up of spinach or palak. Spinach is an extremely healthy vegetable and is a rich source of vitamin A, which helps promote eye, heart and bone health.

Rogan josh consists of pieces of lamb or mutton braised with a gravy flavoured with garlic, ginger and aromatic spices. It is high in protein, fat and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy.

From the Chinese menu, Indish offers fried rice which can be ordered with any protein. Fried rice provides minerals like calcium which builds strong bones, iron for growth and development, and magnesium which supports muscle, nerve function and energy production.

These and many more healthy options are presented in the Indish menu.. So, go onto the app and order something tasty TODAY