Let’s Eat Some Meat

The texture and flavour remain the most important aspects of eating quality meat anywhere, and with Eliado Meat Supplies, you can prepare it any way you wish. Whether it’s a steak that is either well-done to near crispiness or medium-rare, if you like your meat to have a nice chew to it, then Eliado Meat Supplies have beef cuts with decent marbling and the succulent fat cap. Rump steak is a great example that comes to mind because of its great flavour and tenderness.

Eliado Meat offers a variety of meat products such as beef, pork, lamb, chicken and more. There are a variety of beef products including popular cuts like the T-bone, fillet, rump and mixed-cut, to other rare products like oxtail, liver, kidney, offals and hooves. Secondly, they also offer different pork cuts and processed products like polony and Hungarian sausages (using their unique recipe). Other products include beef biltong, goat meat, eggs, and, on occasion, game meat.

Not only is Eliado Meat Supplies offering high-value quality meat products to the community, but they also provide an excellent standard of service in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. Their professionalism and highly experienced approach enable them to build close relationships with all customers and develop a comprehensive understanding of their requirements.

They have also introduced delivery services through the AfriDelivery platform, making it possible for users to select and specify their preferred choices of meat products with convenience. Users are able to select which parts of the meat they want for their order either from the lamb parts, cow or chicken pieces. They can do all this on their phone through the AfriDelivery app and have their order delivered to their location.

We met with the founder of Eliado Meats to find more about their store:

“ Eliado Meat Supplies Ltd was established in 2017 under new management after taking over from Longacres Meat Supplies, which has been running for over 30 years. We are a family business that strives to maintain its legacy and continue to build a strong reputation for supplying some of the best quality meat in Lusaka.
Our dedicated and friendly staff members are always at hand to maintain a pleasant environment so as to enable our customers to shop with comfort and convenience.

As a butchery, we are unique in our approach as we endeavour to give customers what they want, how they want it and when they want it whilst also catering for special requests. We can also accommodate seasonal products upon requests like gammon, turkeys, pork and beef roasts, etc.
We continually aim to make general improvements to our business as we strive to enhance the customer service experience in providing the best quality meat products at a very reasonable value.”
Elias Militsis, Managing Director

Eliado meat supplies are a hardworking and dedicated team. They handle all their products with the utmost care and are detail-oriented. Place your order with Eliado Meat Supplies for smooth and juicy meats, with customer satisfaction is guaranteed.