Does well-done steak on a first date mean the romance will go up in flames?

So, picture this: You are about to have your first date, maybe your first in the longest while, so all you want is PERFECTION. You prep your perfect top, do your perfect hair, put on a perfect smile and are now ready for the perfect meal.

Steak is king! And people love it so much because of the way its flavour, tenderness and juiciness explode once it has teeth sunk in it. After all, ”steak is satisfying in a way that only the pleasures of the flesh can be” – Mark Schatzker.


But, what makes a steak perfect? Could it be the pepper sauce poured over a sirloin or the crust of salt and pepper on a T-Bone? Is it the degree of doneness you are served your fillet mignon, or the glass that accompanies your whole meal? PRESSURE and you are not yet even sure which way your date likes it (the steak, of course).

Thank goodness it is okay to ask your date how they like their steak, the same way it is okay to know that you do not know it all. We might not know all that makes a date perfect, but we sure do know who makes the perfect steak. 

Marlin, our partner of the week, has the best, freshest cuts you could ever wish for, the perfect balance of sauces to go with, and just the right potion of sides to supplement your meal. Did we mention the complimentary salad if you dine in?

Take away? We have got you covered. Stay safe and healthy and let us bring your perfect steak to you. Order it just the way you like it, and we will let Marlin do their perfection thing.

Marlin and AfriDelivery are definitely cheering you on your first date as the flames go up. But honestly, this steak, a glass of wine and your smile should do the trick. Now go get them and place that order with us!