Why should you love a millennial burger?

It’s no surprise that burgers are one of Zambia’s most loved foods. It’s a simple dish that’s found everywhere and loved all around the globe. A good burger is any nice burger with cheese, tomato, onions, beef or chicken and a few sauces. But if you are a consumer who is especially interested in global flavours and is looking for a restaurant that allows you to explore different cultures on your plate, then this article is specially for you. 

A millennial burger is a customised burger that is trending in this era. With a 4.2 ratings on the AfrDelivery  App, Rocomams has extended its focus on letting customers customize their burgers ( M.Y.O, Make Your Own burger) and this is no like any other burger.  Apart from the traditional meat patties, Rocomama’s offer healthy conscious and vegan alternatives to meat. You can have your burger purely vegetarian or add just the amount of protein that is right for you with a variety of optional toppings like mushrooms, feta cheese, eggs, bacon, jalapenos and caramelised onions. Rocomams gives you these varieties that you can double or triple up as much as you would like. 

AfriDelivery and Rocomams are here to help you enjoy the unique eating experience anywhere with customized burgers either brunch or lunch with novel flavours from the burger itself or what you choose to make; M.Y.O – Make Your Own burger!