We are celebrating Healthy Eating

We are in the first week of August and celebrating farmers and healthy eating. With this in mind, we are celebrating Dew Fresh Products as our partner of the week. Dew Fresh was born from an agricultural background of over 70 years of experience, specialising in the wholesale supply and distribution of fresh and frozen farm produce. 


Dew Fresh offers an extremely wide range of products tailor-made to cater to individuals needs  “Our primary objective is to supply the Zambian marketplace with a consistent, quality product throughout the year, and to offer an unparalleled level of service to our customers. We pride ourselves on being a loyal supporter of local farmers and local produce and work closely with our suppliers to achieve the highest standards of food safety.” ~ Duncan Hawkesworth, Director – Dew Fresh Products Ltd

Dew Fresh is here to model healthy eating to the AfriDelivery community from its organic farm produce. They also offer fresh fruit and vegetables and if you are looking for a better store to get your fresh organic farm produce, Dew Fresh is your one-stop-shop.

One of our users had this to say about their experience with ordering from Dew Fresh   

“ Dew Fresh always has the products I am looking for and they are very very fresh.  If anyone wants to buy fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables they should place their order with Dew Fresh, they will never go wrong.” ~ Mwenje, M.

AfriDelivery and Dew Fresh continue to bring you the freshest, healthiest products right to your doorstep when you need them.