Celebrate the right to vote. Have you decided on your meal that day?


Every other day of the year, we are fully decided on what we want to eat. But with the most anticipated day of the year finally here, our emotions are all over the place. No matter which candidate you plan to check on your ballot, our anxiety will be at its peak. So here’s one of our anxiety freeing foods that you can order to help keep calm

With a rating of 4.2 from over 40 users on AfriDelivery, Fox & Hound  have an anxiety-free menu that will keep you coming back for more, and that’s your democratic right. 

Fox & Hound are here to serve you amazing dishes during this period from their amazing line up of wood-fired pizzas, to a selection of oriental and local foods. Pizza not so much? You can still try their seafood, like Prawn & Smoked Salmon, their local bream fish, or  Crumbed fish fillet served with evenly cut wedges and a slew of veggies. Their more easy goings like the Bacon & Avo burger and mouth watering  wraps are the perfect choice for the long day ahead. These delicious foods and more will help relieve your anxiety and bring balance to an otherwise difficult day. 

Whatever the outcome of the election, with Fox & Hound and AfriDelivery serving you delicious, anxiety-free foods to your doorstep, you will definitely have a reason to celebrate.