Food is our common. A Zambian Experience




Imagine taking a road trip to your home village, As the fresh wind blows through your nostrils, gripped with excitement when you realise you are home sweet home. The welcoming sound of mother nature as you are greeted with ambuya’s famous traditional drink, coupled with a smile that takes away every sense of exhaustion, putting your mind and body to rest whilst you curiously wait for what’s coming from ambuya’s kitchen.

After a series of catching up, ambuya brings out her famous traditional dishes, mugayiwa nsima, visashi, delele, chibwabwa, bonbwe, chimpapila, lumanda, lusala, tindingoma, katapa, nyama ya mbuzi, village chicken and her famous game meat, guaranteeing a full belly. 

You may be a little far from home, but Kumushi brings you closer to it with their variety of delicious traditional foods produced straight from the farm. Kumushi brings to your doorstep a beautiful experience that will leave you asking for more, bringing alive the joy, the laughter, and the beautiful memories through a wonderful taste of traditional foods.

Kumushi serve their main meals with breakfast or mugayiwa nsima, with any protein of your choice whether it be fish, village chicken, beef or goat meat. Mugayiwa nsima, known as roller meal in English, is high in protein, fat, iron and vitamin c. Another great source of protein, iron and minerals is Fish. Fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet which contain omega-3 fats that help reduce inflammation and other risk factors for heart disease and stroke.  


Kumushi always serve their meals with leafy green vegetables like bondwe, chiwawa, chimpapila, rape or cabbage, depending on your choice. Leafy green vegetables are extremely nutritious and low in calories and are rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, as well as antioxidants that protect your heart and eye health. Other veggies like delele (okra), mushroom, impwa and katapa (Cassava leaves) are rich in vitamins and minerals.

If you have high cholesterol, Kumushi also serves Ifisashi, which is a mixture of vegetables cooked with groundnut powder. Nuts are a healthy addition to a balanced diet. They’re rich in fiber and help to reduce high blood sugar levels as well as high LDL cholesterol levels(the bad cholesterol).

AfriDelivery and Kumushi are here to take you back to your roots with joy, laughter, and a healthy lifestyle through these and more delicious traditional foods. Come and relive your happy memories with Kumushi served right to your doorstep.