Home Far Away From Home

On a hot day in my office, I got a call from a Nigerian friend. He wanted to have his last meal with me before he went back to his home country the following day. I wanted to make it a memorable moment, even just for a short while. I wanted him to experience Zambia as his home when he was far away from home. 

Later that evening, we met by one of my favourite Nigerian restaurants in the city. We were greeted by a very warm customer service attendee who served our table. The menu had such a wide variety,  each served with a delicious sauce on the side. I could see an expression of disbelief on his face when he saw the beautiful foods set on our table. He could not believe his eyes. He pointed at almost every food and talked about how his family and friends enjoyed eating them back home. 

There was an energy in his smile after he scooped a ball of fufu with oxtail pepper stew in his mouth, the joy in his eyes revealed a yearning for a home. He yummed to the food as he shook his head slowly from side to side enjoying the flavour and felt his memories of home descending on his whole body. “This food, I feel like I am home. I wish I was served this food every day. How did I not call you sooner? I look forward to our next meal. Only this time it’ll be a date.” He said 

Tasty Bites Nigerian restaurant has the yummiest Nigerian foods for any meal of the day. The most popular, Jollof rice, is long grain rice prepared with pepper, tomatoes, onions, spices and other ingredients of preference by the chef. Jollof rice can be served with Beef, Chicken, or Oxtail, or with more traditional servings like Egusi (Mann’s cucumeropsis and white-seed melon), Okra, Oha(African rosewood plant), Ukazi (wild spinach), Vegetable, Banga (palm nut soup)


All these amazing dishes are good for your health. Egusi seed is a good source of potassium and calcium, which are minerals that regulate blood pressure; whilst Ukazi improves digestion, weight loss, and helps prevent early morning sickness during pregnancy.  Meats and poultry are good sources of protein that help repair worn-out body tissues and lowers blood pressure.

Plantains are a type of banana but with a different flavour and culinary use. They are very similar to a potato, calorie-wise, but contain a good amount of vitamin C and minerals. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that helps boost your immune system. Minerals are important for your body to stay healthy. The body uses minerals for many different jobs, including keeping your bones, muscles, heart, and brain working properly. 


Pounded Yam is a dish similar to mashed potatoes but smoother, tastier and heavier. It is often eaten with vegetable soups like Okra, Oha, Ukazi and Banga, or with meats like Beef, Chicken and Oxtail.  Yams are not only an excellent source of fibre but also high in potassium and manganese, which are important for supporting bone health, growth, metabolism, and heart function.

These and many more are what Tasty Bites restaurant are offering to the AfriDelivery community. If you live and work in the city and are looking for a taste of home away from home, or would like to try out the Nigerian cuisines, Tasty Bites is here to give you that experience.