A Magica Pot called Mpoto Yathu



It was a rainy night, Wendy could not sleep as the thunder rumbled and the cold air blew into her room. The little girl crept into her mother’s room to seek comfort. To calm her down, her mother decided to tell her a story about a famous pot.

This pot was well known among the villagers because of its magical power. The magic pot could feed a whole village. Each household lined up every day to receive food from the magic pot and word went out to neighbouring villages

Families gathered from all the neighbouring villages, each wanting a taste of food from their culture. The villagers were filled with curiosity as to whether the pot could fulfil their requests and expectations. Surprisingly, the pot fulfilled them all. . Therefore, the villagers called it Mpoto Yathu, which means our pot.

The story expresses a variety of food to expect at Mpoto Yathu restaurant. Mpoto Yathu brings a variety of African traditional cuisine giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Though not limited to nsima, it is a popular option served with any protein of your choice like Vimbobo, fresh fish, oxtail, baby chicken, beef stew, nyama (T-bone), sticky wings or dried fish.

Mpoto Yathu also serves their meals with green vegetables like; okra, cabbage, beans, rape and Chinese cabbage. These vegetables are health-giving, low in calories and rich in nutrients like vitamins, fibre and minerals which help reduce obesity, health disease and high blood pressure. 

Other greens like Kalembula (sweet potato leaves) provide vitamin K which helps prevent artery calcification, which is one of the main causes of heart attack, and also provides minerals like calcium and zinc.

Mpoto Yathu also offers Visashi which are a mixture of vegetables cooked with pounded groundnut. Nuts are plentiful in vitamins like vitamin B1, which is an important micronutrient that helps to protect human health from cardiac failure. Nuts also contain minerals like copper that reduces the risk of coronary heart disease  

Mpoto Yathu restaurant offers a variety of African traditional cuisine and more delicious foods that bring smiles, laughter and joy to families and the community at large. Place your order with Mpotho Yathu and enjoy your unforgettable dining moments with your loved ones.