Your All Seasonal Friend

Have you ever had a friend; someone you can trust, someone who is loyal, someone you can call even at a distance, someone you can depend on, someone you can meet in your time of need? A friend who understands you and knows what you are thinking about? That is one friend you can never let go of because they have a major part of your life.

That trusted friend is Micmar. They are a dependable friend all the time, one you can always depend on no matter the season. Micmar is here to meet your standard hardware needs with quality and durability.



Whether you are building residential or public buildings, Micmar is the partner you need to enhance your project’s durability and energy efficiency. Micmar will provide you with all the needed construction materials from Lafarge cement to building systems for heating and ventilation like air conditioning systems, and other hardware for gas piping, fire protection, and various electrical systems.


Micmar also offers a variety of boards and timber like flush doors which can be used for both interior and exterior areas. They are decay proof and are chemically treated to ward off door termites and avoid fungi. Their Rosewood doors create a modern but serene look in a bedroom or dining area.Are you a newlywed or someone who has moved into a new house and discovered your plumbing or electrical system has a problem?  Micmar has you covered with all the different plumbing materials for different uses whether it be freshwater supply materials with CPVC (Chlorinated Poly-Vinyl Chloride) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) for waste drainages. The store also has an array of angle valves that are used to block the flow of water in the tubes.


Micmar also have lighting appliances like tube lights and LED bulbs which provide a bright white light with ambient temperature. They also have Philips Led Batten and fluorescent tubes which are energy saving. For maximum energy saving, Micmar provides solar lighting systems that can be used to light up the gardens and poultry houses.

They also have equipment for gardeners and farmers like field fences for safeguarding animals, multi-purpose watering hose pipes, tanks for water storage, and shade clothes to prevent plants from too much sunlight. For agricultural irrigation, Micmar has adjustable sprinkles for irrigation of crops like Soya, vegetables and maize.

Micmar have the most unbeatable prices and you spend the same online as you would instore, but you spend no time in queues and traffic. So, whether you’re a homeowner, entrepreneur or farmer, every season has its own unique demand and Micmar is here to provide all hardware needs to you.