Digital Technology, The Simple Times

We are in an era where online access has become vital for our everyday activities. It is also one of the only ways we can contact our friends, family and can be the only way to say goodbye to our loved ones in hospitals and those far away from us. 

Yet, online access is also necessary during non-emergencies for fair opportunities to work, study and exercise our forms of freedom.

Our smartphones and other electronic devices are always connected to the internet and this is because it requires data to fuel them. Liquid Telecom offers cost-effectiveness and convenience to ensure that you always have a great internet experience from anywhere you want to be.

Liquid Telecom offers Liquid Data- On The -Go where you sign up and enjoy a true 4G wireless solution for home or office. They have once-off and monthly recurring data bundles for any of your devices. Their top offers are daily data bundles which are renewable every day; weekly data bundles that are also renewable after a week and roll over when it is recharged before the expiry date; and monthly recurring data bundles which can last you for a month. 

Their monthly bundles come with free Netflix and YouTube viewing dependent on which subscription fee you subscribe to. If you are in school or have children in school, Liquid Telecom offers bundles for education portals to make online learning easier.

Liquid Telecom also has Wi-Fi and Mi-Fi routers. The Wi-Fi router, which needs to be connected to a power source, comes with free 30GB data valid for 30 days and a bonus of 40 GB data valid for 7 days. It also has an addition of free WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. The Wi-Fi router is convenient for TV streaming, playing online games, or work purposes.

The Mi-Fi is a portable router with a sim card and an internal This means you can take the router wherever you want and won’t need different accounts on any of your devices to enjoy the benefits. All you have to do is have it charged and connect any device of yours. The MI-Fi is handy for the individual who travels for business or vacation but needs to always be online.

With Liquid Telecom, you can always carry your devices anywhere, they will provide you with everything you need on the go. Order with Liquid Telecom today and enjoy full internet access on any device.