A SILENT MATE THAT SAID NO WORD BUT CHEERED ME UP

On a Sunday afternoon, I sat outside my farmhouse recovering from a wild Saturday night. Memories began to flood my mind as I sipped from my glass and the sound of classical music echoed through the house. . And I come to a surprising conclusion that it has been a mate that has cried with me, celebrated with me but said no word. It came in different types and colours depending on the moment.  This mate is Wine. 

The Wine Barrels is a high-end wine store. They sell predominantly South African Wines like white wines; Jim Jar Sweet, Kaapzicht Chenin Blanc, and Ken Forrester Petit Chardonnay.  For the red wine lovers the store has  Ken Forrester Petit Pinotage, Glenelly Merlot(2017), and Cederberg Cab/Sav(2018) to mention a few.

They also have Rose wines that can be drunk on any occasion like; Cederberg rose, Kaapzicht Pinotage rose, Clarington Vintage rose. The store has a small and neat selection of European wines, Spanish, Portuguese and a few more from other regions. They are supplemented by a selection of high-quality brands of imported spirits like; Johnny Walker 12 years, green, green 15 years and double black, Chivas Regal XV 15 years and Extra, and lastly Jack Daniels Tennessee honey and Old No.2 just to mention to a few. 

With their reputation for stocking high-quality products, unique brands of both whiskeys and wines are no wonder the AfriDelivery community have never stopped scrolling to purchase an order from their store any day of the week.

We all experience bad and good moments in life and sometimes we go through these moments alone, with family, partners or friends. The Wine Barrel is here to help you go through these moments with a mate that’s just there to listen, ease your mind or cheer you up and say no word.