We all live busy lives!

Working around our busy schedule to pay bills and take care of our families leaves us with no time for cleaning and laundry. But thanks to the evolution of technology, and Classique Cleaners, we now have an extra hand to meet our laundry demand. 

Classique Cleaners always deliver on what they promise, and that is to lessen your stress and give you more time to spend with your family and your hobbies. When you take your laundry to Classique, they handle all the minute details from cleaning them to folding, ironing and packaging, all you will have to do is hang them in your wardrobe.

You may have stains on your clothes that are so stubborn that it’s almost impossible to get rid of them at home. This daunting job can be done by Classique Cleaner services. They also handle large items like Duvets blankets with ease, care and perfection.

Classique Cleaners give a delicate and separate wash to clothes according to their fabric material like chiffon, ninon, and embroidered silk which require careful and sensitive handling to maintain their fine texture.


When you use Classique Cleaner service, there is a guarantee of convenience. Take, for example,  their express dry cleaning service which is done within a good 4 hours and they are ready to be returned. They also offer extra services like tailoring to adjust your garments, shoe repairing and Key Cutting. 

Their convenience extends to placing your order on the mobile app, beginning with the choice of washing preference, tracking your clothes as they are moved from your doorstep to the laundry, and leaving a review when they are delivered. All this within a few hours depending on the number of clothes, and the defined washing processes. 

You do not have to rush to the store down the street to get your laundry done, Classique Cleaners and AfriDelivery free up your time so that you can do the things that matter most to you.