Perfect wine pairings to try out

While we can all agree that wine is one of the best gifts to mankind, there’s some wine pairings that will have you appreciating your wine even more. Here are four great wine pairs to try out.

  1. Salmon and Pinot Noir; While fish typically pairs better with white wine salmon’s flavor will stand up to the bold but not too tannic flavor of Pinot Noir.  Pinot Noir also pairs well with fatty fish like tuna, especially when served rare or raw.
  2. Lamb and Bordeaux; Because of the gamey flavor, lamb shines with a wine that has a rich, bold personality to stand up to it. Bordeaux is bold and fruity, and the fatty richness of the meat helps absorb some of the wine’s tannins.
  3. Melbec with spicy BBQ sauces; Melbec is bold enough to drink with food brushed with heavily spiced barbecue sauces like buffalo wings.
  4. Moscato d’Asati and fruits; moderately sparkling wines help emphasize the fruit in the dessert rather than the sugar. Try it with honeyed fig crostatas.

What are your favorite wine pairings?

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