Why Order in?

You know those days when you are too lazy or too busy to leave the house?- we all have them. Luckily, technology has really improved over the years, making it possible to buy goods online.

AfriDelivery, for example, is simplifying everyday tasks that take up a lot of your time like going to the supermarket, or making dinner after a long day at work! Therefore, the online delivery service industry seeks to promote convenience for the customers while allowing you to focus on other important things in life.

Here are a few ways in which we add value to your everyday life;

  1. Accuracy

Remember the time you took 20 minutes on the phone trying to explain your order, and they still messed it up? When you get the app, all you need to do is find your favourite restaurant, you can easily scroll through the menu and make an order which gets to you in a short time- it’s that simple.

  1. You can order whenever and wherever

Provided you are located in the delivery zones on our map (  https://afridelivery.app/#address), you can have your meal, groceries and even unprescribed medicine delivered at whatever time.

  1. Wide selection at your fingertips

Sometimes it is impossible to get all your items from one store, which forces you to bounce from shop to shop trying to find a specific product. But when it comes to ordering for your products online, you can skip from one store to the next till you find what you are interested in. In actual sense, you can buy tomatoes and have them delivered with meat; or you can order sushi from your favourite sushi restaurant and have it delivered with a bottle of wine.

  1. Comfort

The only time you will need to leave the house is to get your delivery from your door. So, the long queues in supermarkets and evening traffic jams will never bother you again.

  1. Fast service

AfriDelivery is fully automated in a way that one can complete an order fast and very precise. Therefore, the time it would take to process the order and deliver the products to the customer is highly minimized.


In conclusion, there are numerous advantages we could list but one thing is certain, technology is rapidly changing and with these daily changes, we get to improve the traditional ways we used to do things. Today, you can work from home and order food from a hotel that is three towns away.

If you know of any other advantages of online ordering, share them with us in the comment section.